Friday, 11 April 2014

Digital Imaging Dentistry

Three-Dimensional Dentistry!
Calileos 3D Dental Imaging System Palos Hills IL
3D Galileos Dental Imaging System ILOur office has incorporated the GALILEOS 3D Imaging system that combines the highest resolution and three-dimensional scans of the dental structures with the absolute best in patient safety. The technology behind the GALILEOS has had a long history in the medical community. However, unlike a medical CT scan, GALILEOS offers unparalleled imaging without the high dose of radiation common in conventional scans.

The best thing about GALILEOS 3D, however, is that it contains an integrated face scanner. This means we can show you, using your own face and bone structure, what you will look like after treatment. You can see for yourself how recommended dental procedures will result in a beautiful new you! Remove “best guess” dentistry and make informed, confident decisions about your care.

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