Thursday, 8 May 2014

Dental Sealants Dentist

Dental Sealants Dentist Palos Hills ILPreventing Child Tooth Decay – the Easy Way!
Children do not always brush their teeth as well as they need to. With all the grooves and contours in the back teeth, areas may be missed and not cleaned properly. When bacteria and plaque start to form on the tooth’s surface, decay begins. Once there is any decay, a filling is needed, or if the decay is extensive, a crown will be the required restoration.

There is a way to keep this from happening with an application of dental sealants on all the teeth. Here is how this easy treatment works: 

  •  After the teeth are cleaned and sterilized, a thin, transparent coating of the sealant is applied. 
  • A curing light is used for bonding the sealant to the teeth. 
  • No shots or drills are used and the entire treatment takes only a few minutes.  
  • This sealant helps to prevent cavities for both children and adolescents and preserve their teeth for a lifetime. 

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